Exciting News! I am now represented by The Portland Art Gallery.

Pop Folk Art

I'm often asked what I call my unique style of art. While on a field trip to The Philadelphia Museum of Art as a teenager I walked into a Pop Art exhibit and was instantly mesmerized by the bright colors and bold imagery. Growing up on a lively farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania my imagination was fed by my parents ever increasing primitive folk art collection of colorful Haitian and Mexican art, local landscapes and ancestor portraits.  Pop Folk Art is an apt "mashup" of my favorite and most influential types of art. 

When creating my art I enjoy the challenge of looking at a complex landscape or scene and condensing it down to simple shapes. I choose my palette once I get back to my studio and reflect on how the place made me feel.  

I graduated from George School, a Quaker School in Newtown, Pa., majored in Fine Arts at Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. and I studied illustration at Parson's School of Design.

I enjoy participating in outdoor art shows, meeting and getting to connect with the people who see life in the vibrant, joyful way I express myself.


I live in Yarmouth, Maine with my husband Kevin and we have two sons, Griffin and Duncan. They are great guys and a supportive team, helping me set up shows, critique my art when I'm stuck, trouble shoot with technology and go on art field trips for inspiration.

Our house is filled with colorful, local art. It’s said art carries the energy of the artist who painted it, I feel grateful to have met and know the artists in our collection.