I am proudly represented by The Portland Art Gallery.

Pop Folk Art


I'm often asked what I call my unique style of art. While on a field trip to The Philadelphia Museum of Art as a teenager I walked into a Pop Art exhibit and was instantly mesmerized by the bright colors and bold imagery. Growing up on a lively farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania my creativity was fed by my parents ever increasing folk art collection of colorful Haitian and Mexican art, local primitive landscapes and early american ancestor portraits. Pop Folk Art is a combination of my favorite and most influential types of art. 

I have sketchbooks full of the inspiring Maine places I’ve visited and use those as well as my imagination to create my art. I enjoy the challenge of looking at a complex landscape and simplifying it down to its essence through color, form and shape. Influenced by color theorist Josef Albers, I work with the visual effects of color relationships to achieve space and depth. I choose my palette once I get back to my studio and reflect on how the place made me feel. 

I paint in acrylics on birch art panels. Recently incorporating a table saw into the mix I’ve been exploring my love of shapes in 3D form by designing, cutting and judiciously incorporating the 3D elements into my paintings. 

I graduated from George School, a Quaker School in Newtown, Pa.,majored in Fine Arts at Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. I studied illustration at Parson's School of Design.